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            The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in China is an organization, which functions independent from government or other political institutions. The primary objective is to encourage investment and trade between China and the countries in the European Union, with The Netherlands in particular. Membership of this Chamber is open to companies and organizations that intend to trade with China and to those companies that have already commenced.
            The American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham Shanghai) is a non-partisan, non-profit business organization established in 1915. It is the third overseas American chamber to operate worldwide and is now the largest AmCham in Asia.

            AmCham Shanghai represents 1,500 companies and 3,500 individual members and is growing by an average of 80 new members per month. We are committed to the principles of free trade, open markets, private enterprise and the unrestricted flow of information. AmCham Shanghai can help your business to lobby the government, stay informed on China business, network with peers, train your staff, promote your company, recruit staff and much more.
            Tradeindia.com is India's premier B2B e-marketplace for international trade and a leading provider of online marketing services for Global Exporters, Importers, Manufacturers and Service Providers. Established in 1996, at TradeIndia all efforts are directed to narrow the gap between Indian and International business community. Tradeindia provides several value-added services like Online Catalogs, Featured Products, Trade Leads, Trade Alerts, Credit Rating , Trust Stamp and much more for the benefit of importers and exporters worldwide.
            Qingdao CCPIT, also known as China Chamber of International Commerce, Qingdao Chamber, is a premier agency affiliated to Qingdao Municipal Government responsible for the promotion of foreign investment into Qingdao. Qingdao CCPIT offers foreign direct investment (FDI) related promotion, facilitation and aftercare services to ensure that foreign investors have all supports required to establish or expand operations in the dynamic Chinese economy. In essence, Qingdao CCPIT provides an efficient and effective means of completing then implementing your business plan. We has, since 1988, attracted over 400 foreign-invested projects, including ERICSSON, METRO, CARREFOUR, B&Q, EMERSON, OBI as well as more than 300 Korean-invested projects.
            Interfax News Services is part of Interfax Information Services Group, the world's leading provider of business intelligence from the emerging markets of Europe and Asia. For information on how 1000 Interfax staff in 30 countries reporting over 2500 stories a day can help fulfil your information needs.
            Russian business directory - Russian business directory Openrussia. Russian trade leads site. Partners search in Russia. You can find here all about Russian customs rules.
            Great Wall of China
            Why is the Great Wall of China among the Seven Medieval Wonders of the World? Find in here comprehensive knowledge and information of the Great Wall history, discovery and research, damages and challenges, news, writings, and travel guide. Also have fun with a Great Wall themed gallery and a community launched for all Great-Wall and life lovers.
            B2B trade portal with 25 categories and more than 1,200 sub-categories, ideal for manufacturers, import export companies, wholesalers, distributors, business services and government procurement agencies.
            PymesOnline is a leading B2B Spanish language portal specially designed to assist enterprises to do business in Spain and Latin American Markets.
            Powers global trade by helping importers and exporters to develop buyer-seller relationships. Register now to get a TradePage, post TradeLeads, and send/receive TradeContacts - ALL FREE! With thousands of buyers and sellers from 200+ countries, there's sure to be an opportunity waiting for you at Importers.com.
            An import export agents portal and trading group.
            Services include matching and linking agents with importers and exporters, and providing international trade finance.
            Jctrans Global Shipping and Air Market
            Jctrans Logistics Network Co., Ltd. is China's leading B2B Logistics website. At present, we have about ten thousand members of freight forwarders, customs brokers, cargo owners, and ship owners around the world. We rank as the 1st logistics website in China during the past four consecutive years according to Alexa. Our product GCP (Global Credit Pass) enjoys acclaim among Customers.
            Apricus Solar Collectors are high efficiency evacuated tube thermal solar collectors designed for both domestic and commercial solar heating applications. Exported worldwide, Apricus Solar Collectors have obtained both US and European solar quality and performance approvals.
            HK Products is a Hong Kong based company. It features a wide range of different kinds of products. A No.1 directory for general merchandise sourcing.
            ChinaCarForums.com is a Chinese auto manufacturers (including Geely Automobile, Chery, GWM, Zxauto, SAIC, FAW, Gonow, BYD Auto, Hafei Motor, Lifan Auto, Zhonghua Car, Brilliance China Automotive, Nanjing/MG, Changan Auto, Shanghai Maple etc) enthusiast website with a message board and is dedicated to enthusiasts of Chinese Cars from all over the world other than Asia including North America and the Middle East.
            Sinoway Travel is specializing in customized China tours with personalized itinerary in China.
            Synotrip is built by a team of individuals that all share something in common - We all live in China, like China and want to share China with others. We hope to make China more accessible for all foreigners, regardless of Chinese language ability.
            Worldscrap.com is an extremely powerful scrap recycling informational website in China. By providing accurate market price and real time supply & demand information, worldscrap.com endeavors to build a recycling information network between scrap buyers and sellers.
            Fast Links: 工藝品  |  汽摩及配件  |  服裝飾件  |  農業食品  |  化工  |  計算機產品  |  建筑和裝飾材料  |  消費電子  |  電氣電子  |  家具擺設  |  醫藥衛生  |  輕工日用品  |  照明  |  機械  |  冶金礦產和能源  |  辦公文教  |  安全和防護  |  服務  |  運動健身和休閑娛樂  |  紡織  |  五金工具  |  玩具  |  交通運輸  |  箱包和禮盒  |  多媒體信息發布系統  |  液晶廣告機


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